Double Chocolate Brownies Bite


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Dive into the ultimate chocolate experience with our Double Chocolate Chunk Fudgy Brownies! Indulge in a rich, fudgy texture infused with an extra dose of chocolatey goodness. Each bite is packed with large, irresistible chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth, taking your taste buds to pure chocolate paradise!

Please kindly note that our delectable brownies are freshly baked to order, ensuring the utmost freshness and quality. Kindly allow for a 1-2 day waiting period for your order to be prepared.

For the ultimate enjoyment, we recommend savoring these delightful treats chilled. When stored at room temperature, our brownies remain delicious for up to 1 week. However, if you prefer to prolong their shelf life, refrigeration can extend their freshness for up to 2 weeks.

Weight: 400g (13 brownie bites)